Aloe Vera Gel Flakes are made using a patented method that retains the flavor, color and nutrients of Aloe Vera.

Freshly harvested Aloe Vera is dehydrated using a short-time, low temperature process creating a pure drink mix that’s 100% Aloe Vera. This process renders an Aloe Vera with superior benefits to traditionally produced aloe.

Aloe Vera 100 Flakes

  • Many Aloe Vera products contain stabilizers and preservatives that dilute the benefits of this plant. Our Aloe Vera drink mix contains nothing but Aloe Vera. There are no cheap fillers or harmful preservatives. That’s why it’s called Aloe Vera100.
    The patented process used to make our Aloe Vera100 drink mix renders the strongest, most effective Aloe Vera available. It delivers superior benefits to the aloe vera used in most diluted juices.

    Our Aloe Vera100 Gel Flakes retain the flavor, color and sensitive nutrients of Aloe Vera better than juice. Lab tests show Aloe Vera gel flakes produced using this method retains more freshness than aloe vera juice that’s just a few days old.