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In-Home Massage Therapy Services

Therapeutic Massage

A deep tissue massage using various techniques including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilization techniques, all of which can be incorporated to offer real, deep relief and healing in your muscles and joints.

Medical Massage

Much like the therapeutic massage with the option of collaboration (within our scope of practice) with other members of your healthcare team. We offer scheduled phone calls and emails, as well as detailed session notes to help you reach your desired healthcare goals.

Sport Massage

Perfect for amateur or professional athletes. Sports massage benefits athletes from a variety of sports including Tennis, Golf, Running and Team Sports. The session will include deep tissue massage and stretching.

Assisted Stretching Sessions consist of an extensive full-body stretch of the major muscles of the body and is a great way to prepare for an upcoming sports event or to recover from one just recently conquered. Please wear loose fitted clothing to your session.

Swedish Massage

Relaxation based, this style of massage uses multiple techniques aimed at relieving everyday stresses and leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Corporate Chair Massage

Covid safe on-site chair massage for you and your employees

Appointment Cancellation Policy

Therapeutic Massage of SWFL requires a 24 hour cancellation notice. Failure to cancel within that period or no shows will be charged for the full price of the scheduled session.

Conditions successfully treated with massage:

  *Forward Head Posture

  *Hyper Lordosis (Sway Back)

  * Chronic Lower Back Pain

  * Chronic Neck Pain

  * Tendonitis

  * Rotator Cuff Injury

  * Sciatica (Piriformis Syndrome)

  * Knee Pain

  * Plantar Fasciitis

  * Torticolis

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