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Laura says

"His unique approach to massage therapy and comprehensive knowledge have helped me tremendously to manage my chronic pain while increasing my flexibility."

Alan says

Wow! I am walking much taller and straighter, I can raise and use my left arm with almost no pain. I am bending over lower and without losing my balance. I feel good and truthfully mean it. Thank you Craig Fischer, you made all this happen in just 5 massage therapy sessions.... an achievement that other professional PT and massage therapists were unable to do over several years of therapy. You came to me on time for each appointment and you did your magic in a very professional, effective, and personable way. Your extensive training, research and knowledge of the human body, how it is structured and works as a complex mechanism really impressed me. Thank you.

Ken says

I was referred to Craig about 5 years ago by my chiropractor, who felt regular massage therapy would be highly beneficial for my condition. Craig is always caring, professional, and prompt (an important factor in my busy life). I credit his massages with keeping me working rather than being homebound in pain. I highly recommend (Craig) for anyone with a high stress job, chronic or occasional pain, or injuries capable of being treated by massage therapy.

Sonia says

"Craig is THE massage therapist you want on your health-care team. He is the ultimate professional: exceptionally knowledgeable about both Eastern and Western medicine, an excellent practitioner, and a caring healer."

Jason says

"His unique approach to massage therapy helps to heal my sore muscles and injuries to help me keep on the move."

Judy says

"I had a really bad pain in my back from playing tennis. Craig, my massage therapist knew right where to work to fix my problem. I'm now playing daily without pain. Thanks Craig!"

"I came to Craig with low back pain that

flared up every time I was on the course. I golf 3-5 times a week and at that moment thought I'd have to stop all together. Craig quickly identified the cause of my pain and took care of it with just a couple sessions. Now I am playing regularly with no pain and per his suggestion I see him monthy for a tune-up"

Jerry says

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