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Here in Florida there’s nothing like hitting the courts or course for some good competitive fun! But these two favorite Florida pastimes can take a toll on our bodies. The good news is that Therapeutic Massage of SWFL is well trained in helping alleviate the pain that occurs with regular play. We also focus specifically on addressing issues that are preventing you from knocking numbers off that scorecard by helping increase your performance ability. Here’s a list of how massage therapy can help both active and recreational golfers and tennis players.

Massage Therapy can:


Alleviate neck and shoulder pain and tightness:

If you aren’t focusing on your pain you can focus better on the ball and your swing


Increase the range of motion in your arms and torso:

This provides you with more range, more speed, and a smoother swing


Relieve stereotypical “Golfer and Tennis Elbow”:

This can make your grip and swing more comfortable


Keep your hips and trunk loose:

With a relaxed trunk and hips you can take advantage of greater rotation and power! This can also decrease lower back pain and tightness. You don't want that getting in the way of tomorrow's game.



Research shows that receiving regular massage therapy can significantly improve how your body feels daily.


And many more professional and recreational players are taking advantage of these benefits and playing better every year.




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