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Restore Proper Posture and Alignment Through a Stretch and Strengthen Program

Maintaining a healthy, functioning body requires both flexibility and strength. That is why we have developed a personal training program here in Southwest Florida. Craig will tailor a program specifically to fit your needs that will focus on stretching tight, stuck, areas, while strengthening weak and overstretched muscles. As you continue to advance through your training with Craig your body will begin to change shape and posture, creating a more functional, and more easily moving body.

Whether you have access to gym equipment, dumbbells, or just your own body, we have the right exercises for you.

With your program you can expect to:


*Be in less-to-no pain in chronically painful areas.

*Build a strong core, supporting your low back and hip stability.

*Improve your distance walking with less pain and fatigue.

*Have a straighter posture in both your upper and lower body.

*Rid yourself of "text/computer neck" tightness.

*Create a strong foundation for a body that functions now, and in the future.

Make your therapy results more concrete with a stretch and strengthening program.




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