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Why Choose Massage Therapy


I've been licensed in massage therapy since 2006. However, my interest and eventual love for massage began when I was twelve. This is important to note because since the age of twelve I've experienced the many facets of the modality. I saw that I could offer my mother relief in her neck and shoulders simply by rubbing them. That is massage in its most basic form and I encourage all people to jump in at that level and give to each other in that way to their loved ones. That of course is not where my journey ended.

I learned in massage therapy school that massage can help with pain, swelling, tightness in the joints, and can positively effect the entire body, mind included. Since that time, advanced training has opened up to me what massage can truly offer individuals, and its much more than I ever imagined. A great massage therapist can release painful trigger points, soften myofascia, lengthen tight facilitated muscles, and identify imbalances in your body that are causing you pain and dysfunction. This therapy can also release tight tissue surrounding the spine that has caused bulging and even herniation. Yes, massage can help in reversing disc bulge and herniation with consistent work and a stretch and strenghthening program.  Massage therapy can remove scar tissue and adhesions on the muscles that form over time or after a traumatic injury such as a break or surgery. One of the most satisfying experiences I've had with this was helping a patient of mine that could not extend his arm toward the ceiling past 90 degrees and even that caused him pain. This injury plauged him for nearly 30 years. After months of therapy including myofascial release and a lot of scar tissue removal he can now fully extend his arm toward the sky. 


That is just one of many instances where massage therapy can bring wholeness to an individual dealing with restrictions and/or pain in their body. Being able to help create real, positive change in a person's body is why I am so excited to be working in this field, continuing to advance my training over the years to become most effective for those with muscular needs.  



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